hey guys. just so you'd know, this blog is err... about 3 years old. since 2004. however, it was rarely if not ever updated. so if you've just found/discovered this blog, you didnt miss much so dont worry ^_^

anyway, i've recently remembered my old password and so i logged in, put all my old entries into private because they were too emo/silly/unlike who or what i am today.

this is probably my first and last livejournal entry, unless i decide to move here! which is highly unlikely though. i'm absolutely clueless on how to use livejournal tbh. hehheh.

anyway, if you want to see my real blog! clickity click *here* why dont you :p
btw, i am vey aware of how plain my layout is! bahhh. like i said, i have no idea how to use livejournal, hence the plain layout. :(

ok. take care now! byebye then!